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The experience

Next to the Maule River, in an area marked by its fluvial and railway history; by peasant customs; for its artisanal vineyards and a singular natural wealth, the Hotel BancoArena is located. A suitable space to disconnect from the hectic everyday life and enjoy the calm. That opens the possibility of practicing endless outdoor sports activities. Starting point to visit imposing natural sanctuaries, millenary rocks, extensive dunes and wetlands rich in biodiversity. To which we add genuine bird sightings, rock climbing and surfing on the beaches of Constitución.

Our inspiration, the branch, the distinctive heritage seal of Maule, bears witness to the handcrafted elaboration of handmade wines through procedures of past centuries. It tells of rich rural traditions that enhance the simple life of the Chilean countryside. Urges to value our river as a natural-heritage that does not stop surprising us.