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The site

The hotel is five kilometers from Constitución. Totally surrounded by green areas, forests, many types of birds and an absolutely navigable river creator of unforgettable experiences. A place that manages to disconnect from the urban. Intended for family, tranquility and rest.


A space designed for the little ones. Slips, suspension bridge, rocker, mini-court. It is the mini park that we have created to return to the classic games where you can meet “new friends” and spend whole evenings playing. The park is completely observed from the cafeteria.


Game room

Next to the cafeteria is this entertaining game room where children can draw, paint, watch children’s films and use all the teaching materials available.



A tasty meeting place and relax. From 15.30 to 21.30 you can enjoy homemade pizzas with local products, sandwiches, cafeteria, tea and local pastry. Do not forget to order your “RotoGallo”, our exquisite craft beer.


A very special place. Located on the second floor of the hotel and with one of the best views is our beloved library. Going through philosophy, chronicles, novels, some music and science. We have a humble repertoire enough to enjoy your favorite work in an ideal setting.

Swimming pool

The favorite place on those hot summer days. We have three swimming pools: one for adults, one intermediate and one mini for the little ones.


A place made for the contemplation of the natural. The sound of the birds during the morning, the passing of the train at noon or the tranquility of the River when the wind stops when the afternoon comes. Next to a glass of wine or a fresh lemonade. Perfect panorama.


The starting point of the great adventures. A classic rowboat moored to the pier is the main temptation of the passengers. Sailing the Maule, being located in the middle of the river and contemplating its surroundings becomes a unique and unforgettable moment. You can also take the kayaks and sail upriver. There are usually colonies of black-necked swans at some times of the year.